Infinit Solutions is opening its first HQ in The Netherlands, thus making steps towards its international expansion


After being successful in maintaining its status, for the last five years, as one of the best digital marketing agencies in Romania, Infinit Solutions Agency made an important step by becoming a multinational agency.

The opening of the new HQ in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, represents an organic expansion. This is due to the agency’s years of providing successful projects for a variety of brands and companies around the world.


The expansion plan doesn’t limit to Netherlands. Infinit has been preparing anoher 3 key zones from Europe and Middle East, areas which represent a part of the agency’s business development plan on a medium term.


Along with this expansion, Infinit Solutions Agency, started a rebranding process and simply became Infinit Agency.


The new visual identity has at its basis the agency’s concept (“we are explorers”). The new logo was inspired by the North Star and succeeds to transmit the concept. Moreover, the fresh vibe inspires both the agency’s team and partners to conquest new opportunities.

The Infinit Agency’s new website is available at


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