Infinit Agency announces the launch of the Rotterdam based, the revolutionary platform that will change flex working in The Netherlands

Infinit Agency announces the launch of My Flexwork

After 2 years of hard work for a team of visionary founders, Infinit is proud to announce one of the most complex Dutch market projects the agency team ever worked for –

“Non-transparent and non-compliant employment agencies dominate this flexible market, and currently both employers and employees have no choice but to go along. We have been working on setting up My Flexwork for two years which has resulted in a platform that allows the flex market to function better. Given the rapid increase in the number of vacancies in our country, employers need new growth urgently.

We have developed this project with Infinit Agency as our digitally-led integrating agency, which took care of both the identity and branding part but also the development and advertising of the platform. Infinit Agency supported our company in areas like strategy, creative services, UX/UI, web development and digital media. The ongoing collaboration with Infinit helped us meet not only a great team of people, create a great partnership but also discover an incredible country that we started to visit more and more often – Romania.” – Yvo Keijlewer (CEO & Founder –


Strategy, creativity and technology “played nice together” to create one of the most easy to use and at the same time powerful platform in the Dutch market.

“Some of our most passionate colleagues worked on this project, from creating the identity for this brand up to building the portal and technology behind it to help our partners implement their vision of radically changing the Dutch flex working market, to make it more efficient, more transparent and overall better for both employers and workers around the world. Now it’s time to start the advertising for it and let the world know the #MFWRevolution is here 🙂

Thank you My Flexwork for the trust in our agency and the trust in our country by making Infinit & Romania part of your journey as well.” – Alex Cernatescu (CEO & Co-Founder – Infinit Agency).


Infographic My Flexwork


The My Flexwork platform

Based on the need to revitalise the flexible work market, My Flexwork launched in January 2018. My Flexwork wants to facilitate a more honest working relationship between employers and job-seekers.


With My Flexwork employers and job-seekers have a choice: it’s an alternative to the traditional employment agency. By using social and digital innovations in the field of work processes, automated services and new insights based on big data, My Flexwork helps employees become more independent, and employers become more efficient and effective in this increasingly complex market.

The My Flexwork platform offers a practical and high-quality back office that ensures cost savings through automated time registration, real-time cross-checking with the complicated collective labour agreements and compliance to the ever-changing legislation. In recruitment, the My Flexwork platform helps flex workers find the right employers through smart matchmaking. My Flexwork is the leading platform for temporary work.

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