ZF: 2.2 million euro in the last 10 months for Infinit Group


Infinit digital communication group, led by Alexandru Cernatescu and Andrei Cernatescu, reported revenues of over 2.2 million euro at the end of October. Compared to the last year, this represents an increase of 20 %.

“Our aim to overtake the business number at the end of this year is facile to achieve, taking into consideration the evolution of our businesses in the past 10 months. Our purpose is a qualitative one, but it also seeks an increase of the budgets allocated for the digital promotion of our existing clients” – declared Alexandru Cernatescu, the CEO of Infinit Agency

These results were performed on a smaller number of clients, compared to the same period last year. This was possible due to the bigger budgets allocated for the digital campaigns.

You can read the whole story in Ziarul Financiar’s article Românii de la Infinit Solutions au raportat afaceri de peste 2 milioane de euro în zece luni


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