Infinit Solutions launched the first Honda TV spot created in Romania


Bucharest – July 22nd 2009 – Infinit Solutions and Honda Trading Romania launched the new national campaign “Honda Accord Summer Edition 2009”, running on TV channels starting the 3rd of July, in the most important Romanian publications and it is of course supported by a very significant online component.

Infinit Solutions signs the launch of the first TV Commercial in the history of Honda Trading Romania, an original approach focused on the concept saying that “Everything you can imagine is real”.

Click here to view online execution
Click here to view TV clip

Alex Cernatescu, CEO and Creative Director – Infinit Solutions says: “We are proud to create the first TV Commercial for Honda in Romania. Well thought, in the spirit of cubist art inspired by the famous Pablo Picasso, the video brings out in a very original way the new Honda Accord shown in pieces into a painting. Following the framework you can see how the mix of images in the painting put together is in fact, the new Honda Accord, displayed in an art gallery as an exhibit, not in a showroom as one would expect. The entire campaign is created in the same original and ingenious way so that it manages to break the patterns of communication in Romanian automotive market, drawing attention to Honda’s Offer”.

Ovidiu Repanovici – Sales&Marketing Director Honda Trading Romania: “This is not the first campaign of this kind developed by Infinit Solutions on an ATL, BTL or Interactive support. The novelty comes from the inside concept of the video campaign , the first TV Commercial for Honda done entirely in Romania. The commercial is ment to open the series of projects originally created in Romania for Honda. Our relationship with Infinit Solutions is a long standing one, that provides us an impecable and efficient promotion on all media channels and therefore, our collaboration will certainly go on.”

Founded in 1948, Honda is the world leader in the production of motorized equipment, offering a wide range of products and technologies. Honda strives to be the company that society wants respecting the commitments from partners and sharing the joy with people around the world.

Infinit Solutions is one of the most powerful independent full service agencies in Romania, which develops complex communication platforms of ATL, BTL, PR and Interactive. Infinit Solutions disposes of complete resources for achievement and development for communication campaigns, using its own production studio and other software innovative solutions for retail market.

Infinit Solutions‘ portfolio includes clients such as Honda Trading Romania, Rompetrol, BDT Group, Porsche Romania, Volkswagen, British American Tobacco, Coca-Cola, Romtelecom, Cosmote, Volksbank, Samsung, P&G, RIN Hotels, Domus Stil, Austrian Village, Glaxo Smith Kline, Krka, Axe, X-trade Brokers and many others. Infinit Solutions also develops lasting partnerships for Interactive and BTL, with other advertising agencies like Grey, Ogilvy, Odissey, Starcom and others.

Infinit Solutions also develops lasting partnerships for Interactive and BTL, with other advertising agencies like Grey, Ogilvy, Odyssey, Starcom and others.

You can read about the Honda TV clip following the links below:


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