Infinit Solutions launches a new online campaign for X-Trade Brokers

  • Bucharest – the 3rd of august 2009. After a first online and TV campaign wave that generated remarkable results in the sector where X-Trade Brokers activates, XTB and Infinit Solutions launch a new online campaign.Victor Safta, CEO X-Trade Brokers says: “We were very pleased by the results generated by the campaign developed along with Infinit Solutions, considering the challenging economical times. Our product is not common and our public is a niche one. We’re impressed on how Infinit Solutions has understood our business, the first wave of campaign, recently ended, has generated a flow of clients 200% bigger than the initial estimated. We are sure that the new campaign will also attract a significant number of users. During this period we also run a contest, the one on which we have together worked on the campaign, and we grant prizes such as a laptop and subscriptions for, indispensable instruments for every succesful broker.”Alexandru Cernatescu, President&CEO Infinit Solutions says: “X-Trade Brokers is a special client, an atypical one, and our collaboration was a real challenge. X-Trade Brokers is on Romanian market only for a few months, and the results speak for themselves. It’s an important deal for us, we worked hard for it, and the effects started to show imediately.”

    The new campaign is developed around the demonstrative trading platform for the online users. X-Trade Brokers invites the visitors to take part in a trading contest during 22nd of June – 22nd of august, and the one who will obtain the best score, will win the prizes offered by the company.

    The X-Trade Brokers launching campaign was sustained by a TV commercial, made by Infinit Solutions that kept the same line of communication as the ones XTB developed internationally. The commercial ran on TV channels such as Protv, Realitatea TV and The Money Channel. The campaign had also an ample exposure in the online media.

    The Brokerage house X Trade Romania, the only FX broker autorized by CNVM, is present on Romanian market since 12 of February 2009, as a Financial Investement Company from European Union Member States. The XTB’S main mission is to create a more efficient and professional set for trading the currency market and on the financial products derived market.


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