Infinit Solutions launches – online television for Ring Media Group

  • Infinit Solutions launches a new concept in the Romanian media environment  online Television, a project developed for Ring Media Group.

    ExpresTv ‘s schedule is a complex one and is focused on the main sections of interest. It is supplemented with interviews, reports and programs exclusively dedicated to the modern audience, actively seeking the information.
    If you missed the evening news, or Mutu’s performance on the football field, or you don’t know what politicians have been up to, the real life of the Romanian VIP’s, then you can find out online.The ExpresTv team and has prepared for you a rich menu of news and reports, official statements, the latest events and gossip from the world of showbiz.

    Alex Cematescu, the CEO of Infinit Solutions: “This project came up from the idea of giving the user to choose which videos to follow, unlike traditional television, where the schedule is determined by the station. It’s not the fact the user is closer to the events from Romania, but also gives him the  opportunity to draft opinions and the possibility to comment any video on the site. Online TV is the future, the technology allows the development of such platforms which do not involve some huge costs in the following few years. The technology that we use is the latest one and also provides consultancy for implementation in all of the interactive means. ”
    ExpresTV online is dedicated to the general public, to those who prefer to follow events in pictures. Based on an interactive concept, is thought to be as attractive to those who want to access the latest news in video format.
    Alexandru David, Editor in Chief newspaper Ring said: “We are very pleased with the projects Infinit Solutions develops for us, so we decided to expand the cooperation with the agency. Launching the new site was a huge success and certainly brings good results. This new communication channel provides an easy and intuitive access to all sections of interest without having to wait a certain time of the day  when news broadcasts are running. Furthermore, you can review the materials or watch your favorite news daily. These are just some of the advantages of the online television. ”
    Visitors can easily find the information that is structured into sections, which contain videos of Romanian showbiz world, paparazzi, until the latest pictures and interviews of politicians from Romania. The interactive platform encourages the user to get involved more in using the project site, having the opportunity to comment or vote for the favorite video.
    Besides the hot topics of the day, there are available the most read articles and the editorials published by the journalist Ion Cristoiu in the Ring newspaper.
    The Ring Newspapaer is a trademark of the Ring Media Group and was launched in April 2008. It is free distributed in print run of over 500,000 copies weekly in Bucharest and on the seaside.


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