Infinit Solutions signed Domus Stil redefines your luck campaign

Luck is on your side with the latest campaign launched by Infinit Solutions for the real estate developer Domus Stil. As a rule, if you are accustomed not to win the bingo, lottery or any vouchers , Infinit Solutions and Domus Stil bring a lucky offer. The campaign is developed around the program “Prima Casa” and the opportunity to buy an apartment in the projects developed by the company, plus the bonus – a car!

The campaign features a TV commercial, wchich is   broadcasted on Antena 3, Antena 2 and Realitatea channeles, starting October this year. It is also strongly endorsed   by an extensive promotion in the virtual area, with a solid exposure in print, outdoor and radio.

Sorin Ionescu, Marketing Manager – Domus Stil: “ The making of this TV commercial is an important moment for our campaign, Domus Stil is a modern company strengthening  its image, adapted to the market and customer needs. This campaign made by Infinit Solutions underlines the main advantages enjoyed by our customers in a less conventional manner, representing an episode, inspired by the real life. We are sure that this campaign will bring us the results that we want .”

The campaign Domus Stil redefines your luck starts from the premise that you can buy now your own home through the Prima Casa – Program. With this program, you are struck by luck, Domus Stil rewards you with great prices and promotional offers – in some types of apartments bought, the gif bonus is a car.

Alex Cematescu, CEO and Creative Director Infinit Solutions
: “A home is one of the most important acquisitions in people’s lives, therefore we thought to offer consumers a different approach – related to the events of everyday life , which always have a special charm. It happens to plan for years  such an acquisition or you can act under the impulse of  an offer that you cannot refuse. Sure you can win elsewhere too, but in the lottery or bingo nothing is for sure, even you can graze whenever a misfortune – in exchange, Domus Stil’s offer is here; you solve two big problems at once: owning a house and a car.”

Domus Stil is a company founded in 2005, an integrated part of the Rin Group Chain, that started its activity in a competitive market, managing to cope with success on a hyper active real estate market.


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