Infinit Solutions signed the ‘Honda Trading Anniversary’ campaign to mark 3 years of Honda in Romania

  • Bucharest, august 2009 – Infinit Solutions launches a new integrated communication campaign, developed entirely in Romania, to celebrate 3 years of Honda Trading presence on the local market. After successfully implemented Honda Picasso campaign, Infinit Solutions goes further and develops a campaign that emphasizez the relationship between brand and user.
    The campaign features a TV spot with an authentic approach, which starts from the idea of Honda celebrating with all those who love the well-known brand. The commercial will be broadcasted on Antena 3 TV, Discovery, National Geographic, Money Channel, Reality TV and channels.
    The commercial filming lasted for two nights and three locations were used in Bucharest – Ibiza Sol residential project, a private residence and for the end, a dealer’s showroom was chosen.
    Alex Cernatescu, CEO and Creative Director – Infinit Solutions: ”We wanted to show the way we see the relationship between the brand and the user, the small moments of satisfaction offered daily. We try to overcome stereotypes  like car + luggage + kids = happy family on a trip, and to show the other sides present in the life of a car owner. The commercial is based on a very simple idea: everybody celebrates with Honda, and after a busy day, the cars by themselves lead their owners to a huge surprise party.”
    The Honda „Anniversary Campaign” will also be present in print and online and will be supported by a component of POS marketing in the dealers’ offices across the country.
    Hirotomo Kani – President Honda Trading Romania declares:”We celebrate 3 years on the Romanian automotive market and we want both owners and prospective owners of Honda cars to be with us. We chose to go for a campaign fully developed her,e in Romania, signed Infinite Solutions.”
    Founded in 1948, Honda is the world leader in the production of motorized equipment, offering a wide range of products and technologies. Honda strives to be the company that society wants respecting the commitments from partners and sharing the joy with people around the world.

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