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Our vision is one of trans-disciplinary consensus. We believe that in order to accomplish success in today’s world you need to have a multidisciplinary team with skills in art, design, media, advanced technology and software development. This team has to be able to communicate well, understand each others skills and values in order to create true holistic value. For the whole experience to be pleasant, communication skills are a must.

Required Skills:

– At least 3 years experience in a relevant position;
– Strategic thinking and solution oriented;
– Good project planning abilities;
– Good understanding of digital advertising as well as implementing digital assets;
– Good understanding of advertising is a must;
– Proficiency in Microsoft Office Tools (Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint);
– Driven, focused and competitive – a desire to be successful;
– Demonstrate an understanding of the account manager role as a hands-on member of the Client Service department;
– Demonstrate impeccable written and oral communication skills in English.



– Successfully coordinate and implement our clients advertising projects;
– Implement offline and online projects;
– Maintain a good relationship with our clients, providing them solutions and consultancy regarding their projects and brands as well as providing them with updates and ongoing project status;
– Grow relationships within our existing accounts;
– Successfully work with deadlines and milestones.


– Working as a go-between that connects Account executives to other departments within the advertising agency that produce the products the accounts sold;
– Sets a schedule of deadlines for the completion of a job and assigns workers to each necessary step in the process;
– Checks on the progress of the project, communicating with the account executive as needed;
– Assign tasks and check the statuses of outstanding tasks;
– Conduct a daily morning meeting to go over items/tasks assigned and due for the day and determine if there are any roadblocks;
– Communicate any issues with the team and Account Executive;
– Conduct weekly job status meetings to gather and share information with Account Executives and the rest of the team;
– Initiate new jobs for the client and create timelines and tasks for the work to be done (future planning);
– Review the timeline with the Account Executive to get client approval;
– Submit job to accounting for invoicing when appropriate;
– Making tasking efficient and not overbearing;
– Keeping staff happy and on track with the tasks they need to do to stay on schedule;
– Workflow is efficient and the right stuff is getting done by the right people.


Required Skills:

– 3-year experience in a relevant position;
– Having to deliver digital assets not only offline jobs is a big plus
– Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to converse with site managers and developers as well as account executives and clients/agencies to address client and sales needs in an expedient and courteous manner;
– Ability to handle heavy workload, mediating many demands and requests with strong problem solving drive;
– Very good prioritization skills and ability to macro-view projects, clients and business strategies
– Smart, proactive, and a quick learner with organizational agility and strong attention to detail;
– Effective team player;
– Strong managerial and process management skills;
– Demonstrated excellent computer skills (especially with Microsoft Excel);
– Working with a task management software is a plus.


– Design and develop interactive, consumer-focused web sites and web applications.
– Produce innovative, engaging and effective designs that meet technical requirements, user needs and consumer goals.
– Lead the design process using wireframes and create rapid prototypes and mock-ups to validate design concepts.
– Ensure the quality and effectiveness of designs via design reviews, user testing and collaboration with the development team.
– Perform ongoing web site and web application maintenance and feature development.


Required Skills:
– 2+ years of professional web design experience.
– Excellent visual design sensibilities and proven ability to design a polished, engaging look and feel for web sites and applications.
– Thorough understanding of standard design applications (Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator).
– Ability to translate business requirements and user goals into effective design solutions.
– Proven ability to identify conflicting design requirements and constructively solve problems for the end-user’s best interests.
– Portfolio showcasing professional web site and application design expertise.
– Excellent communication skills and committed team player disposition
– Expertise with Flash and ActionScript is a plus.
– Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript will be considered a big plus


Required Skills:

– Strong Knowledge of Ms Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc);

– Know the basics of SEO;

– Know HTML (for editing and formatting text correctly);

– Know at least one CMS:  WordPress, Magento, Drupal or Joomla;

– Organized, focused, proactive and a care for details;

– Good team player.



– Update / add information and administer the sites in the Infinit portfolio;

– Report problems encountered on web sites that we work with.

Required Skills:

 –PHP & MySQL advanced level (OOP, design patterns are a MUST!);

-PHP Frameworks: Symfony, Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter is an advantage;

-HTML5 & CSS3, JS advanced level (Angular JS si NodeJS is an advantage);

-Ecommerce platforms: Magento, Woocommerce;

-Wordpress, Drupal is an advantage;

-Knowledge of cloud infrastructure systems;

-Knowledge of using versioning tools (Git / Mercurial) and pre-processing server-side CSS (SASS / LESS);

-Advanced English;

-Advanced knowledge of Linux.




– Developing platforms and modules for complex web applications using one of the sites Framework Code Igniter, Zend (Magento), Drupal, WordPress;

– Maintenance of existing systems (custom/CodeIgniter/Magento/Drupal);

– Programming of websites / online stores / portals;

– In charge of maintenance and expansion works for online stores / websites / portals;

– Design ideas and new solutions, system architecture construction;

– Good team player;

– Responsible and driven;

– The desire to achieve the highest level of knowledge and the desire to become a great developer.



– Attractive salary, depending on the performance;

– Meal tickets and other benefits;

– Working in an integrated agency (CS/DEV/Media).

Required Skills:

– Minimum 3 years of programming experience;

-Minimum 1 year of Magento experience (with examples & details about implementation);

-Extensions development;

-Existing codebase maintenance;

-Well versed in implementing custom blocks and various layout elements;

-Comfortable with the Magento architecture and knowledgeable about best practices;

– Comfortable with setting up & working with distributed systems (cloud);

-Certifications are a big plus;

-Knows how to work with versioning & CI systems (Continuous Integration);

-Linux knowledge.



-develop new extensions;

-extend existing modules/core features;

-suggest best implementation & practices for specific projects;

-implement custom themes and work with existing ones (together with a front-end developer);

-optimize performance for existing e-shops;

-debug server side SQL queries, Apache/PHP-FPM implementation;

-implement caching mechanisms (Redis/Memcache/Varnish/other full page caching modules);

-work with Unix shells & scripts.



– attractive salary, performance based;

-meal tickets, other benefits;

-work with an integrated agency (CS/DEV/Media).

Required Skills:

-5-7 years of experience in UX/UI/Web Design;

– Strong Portfolio;

– Experience in wire framing and prototyping;

-Conversion oriented design skills and experience.

Required Skills:

-5 – 7 years experience;

– English – “Full professional proficiency“;

-The client portfolio is hybrid – Romania, the Netherlands, Germany, Dubai;

-She or he will coordinate a team distributed in 2 countries (Romania and the Netherlands).

Required Skills:

– Basic OS (Windows/Unix) knowledge;

– Previous QA position (MUST!);

– Primary responsibility: web sites & web apps testing;

– Has knowledge about WordPress/Magento systems and native mobile apps;

– Manual testing is needed;

– BDD knowledge (behavioral driven testing);

-Possibility of setting up testing routines & general testing flow from scratch (along with required software stack);

– Functional testing;

-Automation (Selenium, Jasmine, Casper, mocha, etc.);

-Create and/or follow user stories;

-Communicates closely with the design and programming teams to implement required fixes.


Required Skills:

– PHP & MySQL entry-level;

– HTML, CSS, Javascript entry-level;

– The desire to learn new technologies, processes and concepts of programming;

– A year practical experience or college profile;

– Knowledge platforms open-source: WordPress Drupal, Magento



– Implementation components for websites or web applications;

– Maintenance websites, web applications;

– He or she will cooperate with the other team members;

– Personal responsibility and desire for personal achievements;

– The desire to evolve toward the highest level of knowledge and the capacity of the developer.



– attractive salary, performance based

– meal tickets, other benefits

– work with an integrated agency (CS/DEV/Media)

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