ROMAQUA GROUP and Infinit Agency – 2 years of collaborations, an involved community and another special project for 210 years Borsec’s anniversary


ROMAQUA GROUP and Infinit Agency – 2 years of collaborations, an involved community and another special project for 210 years Borsec’s anniversary


So far we have been used with stories about princes and princesses, this year one of the most long-lasting brands, surprised us with a different story, one that was worthy of a true queen – The Queen of Mineral Waters. For the celebration of its 210 years’ anniversary, Borsec chose to communicate to its public information about the brand’s history. Along with the first murmur of the spring which was heard from the ground that now proudly bears its name, Borsec showed us through a series of 10 episodes that it is more than water and that it represents history compressed in one bottle.


How can you share loads of beautiful stories if not via social media? This is how the Illustrated History of Borsec was brought to life, a video content project where the storytelling and the visual elements emphasized the beauty of tradition. The project was materialized in a series of 10 episodes, where each episode represents an important moment from the brand’s history, including: founts discovery, the first industrial bottling and the international acknowledgement of the natural water Borsec.


“The most beautiful part in developing this project was going back in time and rebuilding step by step the story of this outstanding brand. For us, the team, which has worked at the project “Borsec is ROYAL”, rewriting the story of a brand that has been present in the consumers’ hearts and which has won numerous awards, represented a pleasant challenge.” Virginia Zeca – Account Manager Infinit Agency.


So far, 5 episodes have been released, following that by the end of the year, the last 5 episodes to be posted on Facebook. The published episodes, were received successfully by the public, the people’s reactions proved that Borsec is and will be a love-brand.


“We are happy to celebrate 210 years of tradition and prestige with one of the most appreciated Romanian brands. Making beautiful projects together with the amazing team from Romaqua, allowed us to add a few lines in the successful story of the brand Borsec. ”, Alexandru Cernatescu – Group CEO & Co-Founder Infinit.


Since we talk about Romanian brands, Infinit Agency, the one “responsible” for the video content project created for Romaqua Group, namely Borsec, is also a Romanian brand. Starting with this year, Romaqua Group entrusted a new brand to Infinit Agency which is represented by Albacher.


“The last 2 years of collaboration with Infinit in the digital, media and creative field provided us with great results. Thus, Borsec became one of the most visible Romanian brands in online and created one of the most involved online communities from FMCG. For this reason, Romaqua entrusted Albacher to Infinit, in the pursuance of becoming a love-brand as well as Borsec. ” Adrian Teslovan – Director Marketing Romaqua Group





The team which has worked at the video content for the Illustrated History of Borsec is represented by:

  • Madalina Balaban – Head of Social Media
  • Andreea Velicoiu – Copywriter
  • Minodora Igescu – Account Manager
  • Virginia Zeca – Account Manager
  • Madalina Stroescu – Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Eduard Felegeanu – Ilustrator
  • Video Production – ParcFilm.


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