Stefanini announces a new global partnership with Infinit Solutions Agency

Digital Marketing partnership Stefanini and Infinit Solutions

Stefanini partners with Infinit Solutions Agency to expand their digital marketing offering

In an ever-changing landscape, which is constantly shaped both by technology advancement and by consumer’s needs, it is natural for IT companies to move more and more towards digital services thus offering their clients complete solutions, adapted to the digital and hyper connected reality surrounding them.

Bogdan Galusca – Business Unit Manager – Stefanini states “As the line between marketing and IT becomes thinner and thinner we are constantly looking for opportunities to serve our clients best adapted to the way they need it most.

With digitalization being a hot topic in the IT business, Stefanini decided to move forward to serve marketing departments all over the world with top-notch IT development and support, coupled with high quality digital strategy and marketing consultancy.

After analyzing the digital agencies landscape in middle and eastern Europe we concluded that Infinit Solutions Agency, with its great 7 years long track record and visionary tradigital philosophy, is the perfect candidate for a global partnership that will allow both of our companies access to new skills and resources, this translating in a new breed of servicing options for both our companies clients”

By this partnership between a major international technology company like Stefanini and a leading Romanian digital agency like Infinit Solutions Agency, Stefanini’s clients now have access to complete digital advertising know-how and services and Infinit’s clients have access to globally spread development capabilities for the agency’s strategic growth plans meaning the agency can instantly serve more clients in more different regions of the world.

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