Stefanini Infinit created a new Cif campaign for Unilever

Stefanini Infinit created a new Cif campaign for Unilever

During a period in which people spend more time at home, Unilever together with Infinit Agency (Stefanini Infinit) release a new creative project/campaign meant to relaunch the Cif brand’s image.

“During the “new normal” that we are all facing we discovered new ways within ourselves and our organizations to deliver at the highest standards that we accustomed our clients with. We are proud of this campaign for a very important brand in our market and also this proves that a partnership which is built strong – like Unilever & Stefanini Infinit – can work efficiently regardless of the challenges presented to our usual way of working. Thank you, Unilever team, for the trust in our group and thank you Stefanini Infinit team for professionally and gracefully facing any challenge “thrown” at us and our partners.” Alex Cernatescu – CEO & Co-Founder – Stefanini Infinit

The new Cif Power & Shine campaign emphasizes the rebranding and improvement of already known Cif products, Cif Power & Shine Bathroom and Kitchen are products that bring effortless cleaning to the forefront.


The Cif Power & Shine product range was created especially for the Bathroom and Kitchen, with a new liquid formula derived from natural resources, now anyone can take care of the surfaces of the house effortlessly. The result is 100% clean. To demonstrate the benefits of the new Cif Power & Shine products, Stefanini Infinit together with the production studio Diud created a series of videos from everyone’s life, thus communicating how easy it is to have a clean and bacteria-free house for longer.



Video Ad – Cif Power & Shine Bathroom:


The communication pillars promoted in this campaign are care for the planet, care for surfaces, care for health, and care for convenience. These are Cif’s major objectives, as well as demonstrating the ease with which these products help you get rid of dirt.



Video Ad – Cif Power & Shine Kitchen:



“The pandemic was an opportunity for us to do things differently than we used to. Completely different from the usual patterns. We learned that we can work as a team even from afar with the help of technology which helped us give feedback in real time, and adapt on the go to the unforeseen. It was truly a unique experience from which we learned a lot.”


Anca Cojocaru – Brand Manager Cif, Unilever




“In the new digital universe, not only the way of communication has changed, but also other working methods have opened up. Following the measures taken in the last two months and the work from home measures, the new Cif campaign was executed 100% remotely.

This project was a challenge for both of us. For the first time we could not be physically present in the studio, but we managed to coordinate the filming through different mobile apps. The concept is based on the idea of ​​convenience that demonstrates the versatility, quality and ease of use of the new Cif Power & Shine formulas.

The end result is proof of effective collaboration even when working remotely. ”


Ioana Balteșiu and Simina Florea – Creative Team, Senior Art Director & Senior Copywriter


* DIUD – “It was a challenge. At that time, being the first days of the emergency state, there were no protocols for video production and we had to think every detail of the implementation from all angles, so as to protect ourselves. Normally, for this shooting, I would have needed a much more complex team. We don’t usually do this because it’s important to move quickly and efficiently on the set, but in this context we drastically reduced the team and it was filmed by only 4 people – director, DOP, prop master and gaffer. It was a premiere for me as a producer not to be on set for the shooting, the set designer worked from home, and the whole set was built by one man during several days. We bought props online to avoid running through stores and disinfected them in the studio, filled out travel statements for the entire team involved, had protective suits, kept our distance, washed our hands regularly. The social insecurity and spontaneous decisions taken by the Government in the state of emergency made us ready to cancel the filming at any time (even a few hours before starting) and to focus more on post-production / animation. I kept in touch online with the Stefanini Infinit and Unilever teams for staff approval. It was a confidence exercise, we had their full support and understanding, they stayed with us for feedback throughout the filming process. That mattered a lot, we wouldn’t have succeeded otherwise. We are very proud of the result, it was worth all the effort and even the overtime ?. ” Claudia Asanache – Creative Producer at DIUD

All the ads produced for the campaign can be found here:


Participating teams: 

Stefanini Infinit:

Răzvan Palea – Account Manager

Iris Gologan – Digital Strategy & Global Head of Data Analytics

Matei Curtașu – Global Creative Director

Ruxandra Matache – Group Creative Director

Simina Florea – Senior Copywriter

Ioana Balteșiu – Senior Art Director

Ana Dinu – Strategy & Business Development Coordinator


Cif / Unilever:


Anca Cojocaru – Brand Manager Cif

Adrian Calarasu – Digital Category Manager HC Unilever South Central Europe

Cristina Brandusoiu – Category Manager Home & Hygiene South Central Europe at Unilever


DIUD team:


Director – Andrei Gheorghe

Production Manager  – Asanache Claudia

DOP – Zoran Simulov

Gaffer – Adrian Bulgariu

Art Director – Flavia Barabas

Prop Master – Valentin Stefan

Post Production Manager – Alexandra David

Editing – Alexandru Yatesey



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