STEFANINI INFINIT is born! Welcome to the global scene!

Stefanini announces new joint venture in Romania, in partnership with Infinit Agency.

One of the leading global providers of tech solutions for businesses, Stefanini announces the launch of a new joint venture in Romania, Stefanini Infinit. The new organization will be a full service digital marketing company, established in partnership with Romanian entrepreneurs and brothers Alexandru Cernatescu and Andrei Cernatescu, owners of the Infinit Solutions Agency.

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Stefanini Infinit takes over the team of the former Infinit Solutions Agency, and will seamlessly continue its local business operations. Additionally, the new company will now have access to the global resources of the Stefanini Group and will enhance the Group’s global services offering, by adding a creative and marketing perspective to the business and tech solutions provided by the group.

”Now more than ever, we live in a business world where every company has developed a customer centric approach,” says Marco Stefanini, CEO and Founder of Stefanini and majority stakeholder in Stefanini Infinit. ”And if it hasn’t, yet, it surely has to, quickly. The new generation of consumers is not only active, but activist. It is digitally literate and eager to engage with brands. So brands and businesses in general need to develop a digital gateway and focus on maintaining a consistent, meaningful relationship with their customers, by leveraging technology in a creative way. This is why we wanted to complement our tech and business portfolio with a set of creative and marketing skills that would enable companies to bring new digital solutions to their customers and address their needs like never before.”

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Stefanini International Holding, the international arm of the Brazilian tech giant follows a strategy of acquiring or setting up joint ventures with young and ambitious local entrepreneurs from all over the world, offering them a global platform for their solutions and services and, at the same time, constantly expanding and refreshing its own portfolio. Stefanini Infinit is the first such joint venture in Europe.

“Working with our partners at Infinit Solutions Agency for seven years now, in various projects for various clients, we have tested our strong chemistry and the power of our combined offering,” says Marco Stefanini. “We now know that a combined marketing/tech approach can be hugely beneficial to our clients and to their end users and can take full advantage of the new trends that focus on efficiency, mobility and flexibility, all supported by intelligent and interactive technology. This integrated approach has already proved important in areas like banking, insurance or FMCG and has great market potential in the near future.”

Stefanini Infinit will continue to operate as an independent company, keeping its management and creative culture intact, but the company will now be able to leverage the Stefanini Group resources & presence in more than 40 countries.

“Having worked together with our partners at Stefanini for a long time, we saw in them a perfect match both from a human, as well as from a business perspective”, says Alex Cernatescu, CEO Stefanini Infinit. “The customer centric and digital entrepreneurial culture of Stefanini was one of the most important reasons why we decided to take our partnership one step further and create this new joint venture together. The newly created business setup enables us to provide integrated services for our existing, local clients and expand our operations globally.”

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Combining marketing strategy with creative and digital capabilities, all backed by a global team of developers and tech experts, Stefanini Infinit now has an unparalleled range of services, enabling companies to build their presence and conduct their business in the digital environment, in a meaningful and effective way.




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