We are Infinit. We are
Solutions. We are agency.

Infinit Solutions Agency is the largest independent digital agency in Romania.

We are the product of tamed socio-technological uncertainty.

We are explorers, fit for the ever changing technology and social landscape of today.

We are a full service digitally led agency.

We offer turnkey digitally led marketing and advertising solutions from project management, strategy, creative, web&mobile development up to media buying, planning and reporting.

We are Tradigital™.

We mix creativity and innovation with efficiency.

Our group is able to provide through the line digitally led advertising and marketing solutions, for medium and large brands, both local and at a regional level.

Why work with Infinit?


track-record of success and trust

  • Many successful delivered projects, digital assets, campaigns, promotions for medium and large brands, both local and regional with measurable results.
  • Infinit started in 2007, it is now 8 years old and moving forward.
  • Many of our clients have been with us 5+ years already.

Large digitally native
professional team

  • 50+ digitally native professionals, in-house, allowing quality control and timely delivery.
  • In the services business it is all about people and the dynamic between them.
  • We believe in holistic value and that enough people, with the right motivation and skills can achieve greatness.

Infinit has a trans-disciplinary group vision

  • Infinit is a full service, digitally led communications group
  • We have a multidisciplinary team with skills in art, design, media, advanced technology and software development with instant access to different resources and points of view that allows it to provide solutions for any type of challenge.

One Stop Shop
Experience for our Clients

  • We are organized in business units that vertically integrate all the resources and competences we have to serve you via a single point of contact.
  • For you that translates in a single, well organized way of working that offers you constant access to all of our resources.
  • To put it SIMPLE: working with Infinit is “easy to manage”

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